Inamori School of Engineering

Digital Fabrication and Rapid Prototyping Lab

Digital Fabrication and Rapid Prototyping is a university lab which provides engineering students a range of capabilities, including laser scanning, two 3D printers, lasercutting/engraving, a CNC router, and the latest in software for operation of this equipment.

The lab laser is an Epilog 36" x 24" 75-watt machine. This allows students to cut materials such as wood and acrylic, with the added capability of engraving other materials such as glass and ceramic.

The two 3D printers include a Fortus 250. This machine uses a durable ABS plastic in a variety of colors for application with functional testing, tooling, jigs, fixtures, and parts for direct application. The other machine, ZCorp Zprinter 450, allows for printing in 180,000 colors with a 300 dpi resolution and a build size of 8" x 8" x 10". This provides parts for presentation and testing applications.

The CNC router allows students to learn how to program and operate a CNC machine. This machine is capable of cutting soft materials such as foam and plastics. The machine provides the ability to cut 48"x 48"x 6" parts.

The laser scanner, used for reverse engineering, allows students to take an existing item and create an accurate 3D CAD model. This can then be taken into CAD software and manipulated or recreated with the previously mentioned equipment.