Inamori School of Engineering

Electrical Characterization Facilities
McMahon Building, 2nd Floor

Equipment is available to measure a broad range of electrical properties of materials over an exceptional range of environmental conditions. Custom-built and commercial test fixtures, such as the ProboStat™ cell, are coupled with different LabView-controlled measurement systems for automated measurement from 20 K to 1100C in controlled gas atmospheres. Routinely measured properties include resistance, impedance, capacitance, inductance, dissipation factor, and thermopower (Seebeck coefficient).

A Solatron Modulab Materials Test System is available for time domain and AC testing of materials. A variety Keithley, HP, and Agilent sources and measurement systems can be used to measure DC properties, from low field to an applied bias of at least 200V. Systems for simultaneously measuring DC conductivity and Seebeck coefficient are used for defect studies and thermoelectric characterization. An HP 4192 impedance analyzer, Solatron 1260, or an HP 4274A LCR meter are available to measure low-field AC parameters from 10 μHz to 13 MHz. A Solatron 1287 Potentiostat is used for polarization and corrosion studies. High power resistance can be determined using a Sony/Tektronix 371 High Power Curve Tracer. Piezoelectric characterization is conducted by scalar (HP 3585A) and impedance circle methods. A Berlincourt d33 meter is available. Strain and polarization as a function of field measurements can be conducted from 20K to 280C at low frequencies. Room temperature impedance is measured to 1Ghz by an HP4191A and dielectric failure with a Hipotronics 750. An MMR system is available for measuring Hall effect to 500C.

For more information about research, contact Dr. Scott Misture.

For information about student training and equipment maintenance, contact Fran Williams.