Inamori School of Engineering

Powder Characterization Laboratory
McMahon Building, Room 340

student measuring powderThe powder characterization laboratory houses equipment for characterizing ceramic powders and their processing behavior. Particle size distribution to submicron levels, porosity, density and surface area are routinely measured. The stability and electro kinetic behavior of particles in aqueous and non-aqueous suspensions are evaluated through zeta potential measurements over a wide pH range.

A MISURA heating microscope characterizes the thermal behavior of powder compacts in situ during heating up to 1600° C, with ramp rates up to 80° C/minute. The microscope measures the thermal expansion, softening temperature, shrinkage, melt viscosity, surface tension and contact angle on various substrates. Sample images collected during heating reveal the sintering, flow and wetting behavior. A spectrophotometer is also available for optical property and color measurements of surfaces, using standard light sources and color systems.

For more information, contact Dr. Matthew Hall.