Inamori School of Engineering

X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory
Binns Merrill Hall, Room 230-242

Student using equipmentThe x-ray diffraction facility is used to investigate the crystalline structure of materials. Four diffractometers, which produce nearly 10,000 powder diffraction patterns in support of our undergraduate programs, are available for routine phase analysis. Five additional instruments are available for thin-film and in situ investigations at temperatures as high as 1600° C.

All instruments are fully automated using Windows software, networked at 100 Mbps to a central high-performance server. Current-year diffraction and crystal structure databases are available to assist with interpretation of data. A wavelength dispersive x-ray fluorescence spectrometer and a variable-angle spectroscopic ellipsometer are also housed in this facility.

For more information about research and analytical contact Dr. Scott Misture.

For information about student training and equipment maintenance, contact Slawomir Zdzieszynski (Swavek).