Faculty and Staff
Alexis G. Clare
Professor Glass Science
Alfred University Contact Info
Office Location: Hall Glass Science & Engr 206
Department: Glass Engineering  
Phone: 607.871.2368  
Alexis G. Clare
B.Sc.: Chemical Physics
Univeristy of Reading UK, 1981

Ph.D.: Physics
Univeristy of Reading UK, 1986

Areas of Concentration
My group is interested Engineering the composition of glass for specific applications. Among our current projects are creating glasses with specific refractive index and dispersion for optical instruments, Using novel optical techniques to measure the diffusion of gasses through glass melts, and looking at what happens when you pull a glass melt really hard and distort the structure. We have a project on making glass and glass ceramic phosphors for white light emitting LEDS and we are looking at bulk metallic glasses. We are also interested in making new and unusual glasses for optical magnetic and even biological responses.

Current Research
Novel Optical Glasses for instrumentation
Analysis of oxygen diffusion in display glass melts
Analysis of basic glass structure and phase separation using atomic force microscopy
Semiconducting oxide films on glass
Heat capacity and structure of amorphous metals
Glass Phosphors for White Light Emitting LED’s
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