Faculty and Staff
Ehsan Ghotbi
Asst Professor Mechanical Engr
Alfred University Contact Info
Office Location: Engineering Lab Bldg 201
Department: Mechanical Engineering  
Office Hours: Mon: 10 Am-12 Pm

Wed: 10 Am-12 Pm

Phone: 607.871.2560  
Ehsan Ghotbi
Ph.D.: Mehanical Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Jun 2013

M.Sc.: Mechanical Engineering
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Dec 2009

M.Sc.: Socio-Economic Systems Engineering: Economics
Institute for Management and Planning Studies (Iran,Tehran), Nov 2006

B.Sc.: Mechanical Engineering: Solid Design
Polytechnic of Tehran (Amirkabir University), Sep 1998

Areas of Concentration

My research is about optimization techniques specially in multi-objective optimization problems. This is a multidisciplinary research which is working on game theory concept as a optimization tools to model and solve the multi level optimization problems. Working on numerical algorithms would be significant part of my research. Renewable Energy, Electricity market and policy making in energy is the other topic that I am working on it.

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