Faculty and Staff
Walter A. Schulze
Professor CEMS, Emeritus
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Walter A. Schulze
B.S.: Electrical Engineering
Penn State University, 1965

Ph.D.: Solid State Science
Penn State University, 1973

Areas of Concentration
My research has concentrated on ferroelectrics, dielectrics, piezoelectrics, pyroelectrics, thick film material for circuitry, composite ceramic devices, ultrasonics transducers, electrical property measurements, gas isostatic hot pressing, fast firing, grain oriented ceramics, any novel ceramic preparation to enhance the performance of electronic devices

Current Research
Stable Capacitors for High Temperature Applications (Temperature Range -55C to +300C). Air Force funding in conjunction with Lockheed-Martin and AST. (2002-2006)
High Sensitivity Piezoelectric Materials Produced without Lead, industrial sponsor (2006-2007)
Characterization of the Stability of Nanosize Barium Titanate Powders for use in Multilayer Capacitors. Industrial sponsor (2003-2007)