Faculty and Staff
James E. Shelby
Professor Glass Sci, Emeritus
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James E. Shelby
B.S.: Ceramic Engineering
University of Missouri at Rolla, 1965

M.S.: Ceramic Engineering
University of Missouri at Rolla, 1967

Ph.D.: Ceramic Engineering
University of Missouri at Rolla, 1968

Areas of Concentration
My glass research program is currently focused on the use of hollow glass microspheres for storage of hydrogen for the hydrogen economy. Our discovery of photo-induced hydrogen diffusion in glasses has resulted in a new approach to this technology. This work is carried out in partnership with Savannah River National Laboratory. We are also studying the formation of composites of polymers loaded with glass microspheres for radiation shielding for manned missions to the moon and Mars. In addition, we are studying the formation of metallic nanocrystals of Ni, Co, Pb, In, Ge, Cu, Ag, and other metals in glasses by reaction with hydrogen. We have produced magnetic, colored, and electrically conducting glasses by this process. Other studies involve development of new glasses for detection of neutrons for prevention of smuggling of radioactive materials into the U.S.A. Our research is sponsored by DOE, NASA, Naval Research Laboratory, and industrial partners.

Current Research
Hydrogen Storage in Hollow Glass Microspheres: An Enabling Technology for the Hydrogen Economy, Dept. of Energy
Separation and Purification of Hydrogen from Mixed Gas Streams, Center for Environmental and Energy Research at Alfred University, Environmental Protection Agency
Hydrogen-filled Hollow Glass Microspheres/Polyethelene Composites for Radiation Shielding for Manned Space Flights to Mars, NASA
Production of Magnetic, Semi-conducting, and Coloring Nanocrystals in Glasses, McMahon Fellowship
Production of Continuous Germanium Coatings on Glass by Reduction with Hydrogen, McMahon Fellowship
Development of New Glasses for Neutron Detection, Naval Research Laboratory