Faculty and Staff
James R. Varner
Professor CEMS, Emeritus
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James R. Varner
B.S.: Ceramic Science
Alfred University, 1966

M.S.: Ceramics
Alfred University, 1969

Ph.D.: Ceramics
Alfred University, 1971

Areas of Concentration
My group is interested in mechanical properties of glasses and ceramics. Within that broad area, we focus on fundamental studies of contact damage in glasses and how processing affects strength and fracture toughness of ceramics. Issues include how glass structure affects crack formation and scratch resistance, and how waste materials can be turned into high-strength, high-toughness SiAlON ceramics. We are beginning studies on a new type of composite armor material. Finally, we investigate issues that relate to failure analysis of brittle materials (fractography).

Current Research
Recording microindentation study of crack-initiation behavior in optical glasses
Recycling of production wastes from silicon wafers to produce SiAlON ceramics with improved mechanical properties
The use of fly ash in the production of SiAlON-based structural ceramics
Improving scratch resistance of alkali-silicate glasses
Optimizing the properties of a novel composite armor material