Inamori School of Engineering

Center For High Temperature Characterization (CHTC)
at Alfred University

Partnerships help to transfer technology from the lab to the marketplace. Our focus is to enable ceramic materials and processing advances that are both practicable and scalable using comprehensive facilities for characterizing the behavior of materials and devices exposed to high temperature environments.


  • High temperature X-ray diffraction: XRD may be performed at temperatures up to 1600°C under controlled atmospheric conditions; uses include study of reaction kinetics, (an)isotropic thermal expansion parameters, decomposition, oxidation/reduction, melting, and much more.
  • High temperature electrical property characterization: AC and DC conductivity measurements up to 1000°C under controlled atmosphere; additional capabilities include measurements of thermopower, Seebeck coefficient, and more.
  • Comprehensive thermal property characterization, including: Thermal conductivity, DTA/TGA with mass spectrometry, Dilatometry, Thermomechanical Analysis.
  • High temperature scanning electron microscopy.
  • High temperature mechanical property characterization.

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For information about high temperature characterization at Alfred University contact:

Dr. Matthew Hall
Director of the Center for Advanced Ceramic Technology
Mr. Barry Watkins
Business Program Coordinator

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