Inamori School of Engineering

Short Courses - Introduction to Biomaterials

Who Attends
Engineers, scientists, technicians, lawyers and business personnel who may wish to learn about the fundamentals of biomaterials science, new developments in biomaterials and their potential applications, requirements for FDA approval and the necessary steps for introduction of new biomaterials to the medical market. This course will be valuable to those who are new to the field of biomaterials and want to learn the strengths and challenges that the field may face in the next ten years.

Course Description
The course will introduce the fundamentals of biomaterials science, such as, bulk and surface properties of biomaterials, interactions of biomaterials with host tissues, testing of biomaterials, and the use of materials in orthopedic, cardiovascular, dental and other applications. Other practical aspects of biomaterials (e.g., manufacturing, storage, quality control, animal experimentation, clinical trials and regulatory issues) will also be discussed. Case studies illustrating failures of implants and medical devices and how these affected the viability of medical companies will be presented. Ethical issues facing biomedical engineers involved in the design, manufacturing and introduction of new medical implants and devices will also be discussed.

Course Outline

  • Mechanical and other physical properties of human tissues and artificial materials as a replacement of tissues and organs.
  • Examples of biomaterials, such as, metals, polymers, ceramics, natural materials, polymers and bioresorbable polymers and ceramics.
  • Host reactions to biomaterials, such as, inflammation, wound healing, systemic toxicity, blood-materials interaction, and short and long term reactions to the body.
  • In-vitro, animal and clinical trials.
  • Manufacturing, storage and regulatory issues.
  • Ethical issues, such as, conflict of interest, allocation of resources, use of patient tissues, and informed consent.

Dr. Subrata Saha is a Professor of Biomaterials in the Kazuo Inamori School of Engineering, New York State College of Ceramics, Alfred University. He received his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1973 and has been a faculty member at Yale University, LSU Medical Center, Loma Linda University and Clemson University. Other guest lecturers from biomedical companies, FDA and surgeons may also participate.

Course Fee