Inamori School of Engineering

Short Courses - Coatings on Glasses

Who Attends
Engineers, technicians and personnel involved in coating on glasses.

Course Description
This course will provide fundamentals of coatings. Application areas will be related to the glasses. The Course will be a combination of lecture and lab tour.

Course Outline

  • Introduction fundamentals of coatings
  • Principles of physical vapor deposition
  • Principles of chemical vapor deposition
  • Sputtering machine
  • E-beam machine
  • APCVD machine
  • Laser deposition machine
  • Atmospheric plasma deposition machine
  • Other deposition systems
  • Characteristics of thin film coatings
  • Current issues related to coatings

Dr. Xingwu Wang received his Ph.D. from SUNY Buffalo in 1987, with his thesis related to superfluid thin films. His postdoctoral training was related to ceramic superconductor thin films. Since 1998, he has been a faculty member in the Kazuo Inamori School of Engineering, Alfred University, with the research areas related to coatings on glasses and other thin films. During summers and leaves, he worked at DOE Argonne National Lab, U.S. Air Force Wright Lab, and Corning, Inc. He has nineteen U.S. patents issued, and more than seventy papers published.

Course Fee