Inamori School of Engineering

Short Courses - Firing of Ceramics - Kilns & Furnaces, Equipment & Controls, Firing Profiles

Who Attends
Kiln and furnace operators, technical specialists, technicians, process engineers and others who are involved with the monitoring or operation of a kiln.

Course Description
A practical examination of kiln combustion focusing on hardware and the automatic control of the kiln. You will have the opportunity to actually work on a multi-burner rack with Dr. Pennisi. He will also describe the process parameters of automatic control, indicating how you can troubleshoot your system, identify problems and take steps to correct them. Introduction to developing a firing curve for a given ceramic composite will also be given.

Course Outline

  • Theory of combustion, hardware and systems.
  • Temperature sensors; types of sensors, emphasizing those required for automatic control.
  • Controller functions; types of controllers, their operation and adjustment.
  • Developing a firing curve using thermal analysis techniques.

Dr. Licio Pennisi, Assistant Director for the Center for Advanced Ceramic Technology at Alfred University earned his B.S. in 1975 and his M.S. in 1978 from Alfred University. He earned his Doctor of Chemistry degree from the University of Modena, Modena, Italy in 1993. Dr. Pennisi is also an industrial consultant on ceramic processing, kilns and combustion systems and holds a patent on "The monitoring of gradients in a combustion process."

Course Fee