Inamori School of Engineering

Undergraduate General Graduation Requirements

Credit Hour and GPA Requirement

To receive a Bachelor of Science degree from the School of Engineering, students must complete at least 128 credit hours and fulfill the requirements of the major, which may involve completing more than 128 credit hours. Students must achieve a GPA of at least 2.0 in major engineering courses in addition to a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 required by Alfred University. No more than two grades of D or D+ in core engineering courses taken at Alfred University may be applied for graduation in any program in the School of Engineering for students entering the University Fall 2011 and thereafter. Accumulation of excess D or D+ grades constitutes "low grades in critical prerequisite courses" per the Academic Standing requirements in the AU Catalog.

Written Communication Requirement
Students must complete ENGR 110, Technical Communication. To enroll in ENGR 110, students must successfully complete ENGL 101, or an equivalent course, or achieve specified scores on standardized tests. Students are exempted from ENGL 101 for a score >540 on the SAT Verbal, or >500 on the SAT Writing Exam or SAT II, or >26 on the ACT-English. Credits earned by successfully completing ENGL 101 or an equivalent course do not count towards the degree credit requirements.

Humanities/Social Science/Arts Requirement
All majors within the School of Engineering require at least 16 credits in humanities, social science and the arts. Students must complete at least three courses in three different areas designated by the following attribute codes: Literature (A), Philosophy or Religious Studies (B), The Arts (C), Historical Studies (D), Social Sciences (E), and Foreign Language (II). The on-line course system (Banner) provides information about which courses fulfill these area requirements. Additional courses in the five discipline areas (with or without a letter designation) may be used to meet the 16 credit requirement, but no more than 4 credits of coursework in discipline area C (The Arts) will count towards the requirement. Courses that meet Quantitative Reasoning (III) do not count towards the Humanities/Social Science/Arts requirement.

Seminar Requirement
Students must enroll in and successfully pass ENGR 360 Undergraduate Seminar (or ENGR 160 Freshman Seminar, as appropriate) each semester they are enrolled fulltime in one of the School of Engineering degree programs.

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