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What do Materials Scientists and Engineers do?
Advanced materials are critical to nearly every modern technology and play an important role in solving today's most challenging energy and environmental problems. Materials Science and Engineering is the broad interdisciplinary field that uses the principles of chemistry, physics, engineering, and biology to develop better materials. Materials scientists and engineers study the structures and properties of all types of materials -- ceramics, glass, metals, polymers, and semiconductors -- and devise new ways to make them using nanotechnology and advanced manufacturing techniques.

What will I study?
During your first year, you'll take Introduction to Engineering and two Engineering Explorations Lab in addition to foundation courses in math, chemistry, and physics. Over the next few years, a blend of classroom and laboratory experiences will help you define your unique interests in this very broad field. In your senior year, you'll conduct independent research with a faculty advisor - on topics ranging from high-strength metal alloys to polymer recycling to oxide nanosheets for generating hydrogen from water.

The minor in materials science is ideal for students who want to learn more about materials science while majoring in chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering or renewable energy engineering.

What will I do after graduation?
Graduates are prepared for careers as engineers, scientists and managers in a wide range of materials-related industries. Many of our graduates pursue advanced degrees to work as researchers in industry, government laboratories, and academia. Learn more about Careers in Materials Science and Engineering.

Why study Materials Science and Engineering at Alfred University?

  • A hands-on curriculum that introduces students to materials science during the first year
  • Plenty of opportunities for undergraduate research and access to state-of-the-art research facilities for modeling, making, and characterizing materials
  • A senior-thesis project to allows you to showcase your research skills and demonstrate your creative talents for solving real-world materials problems
  • Small class sizes and a dedicated faculty who are leaders in the field

The Materials Science and Engineering Program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,

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