Inamori School of Engineering

Real-World Experience

Learn by Doing
Alfred University's engineering programs encourage students to gain real-world experience both on and off campus.




Co-Op Education and Internships
AU's Career Development Center helps students secure summer internships and co-operative education assignments.



Research Opportunities
Discover and learn. Many faculty hire undergraduate students to work on sponsored research part-time during the school or full time during the summer. You can also earn credit working on independent research and design projects. Students can also apply for funding to support their own ideas through the Alfred Research Grants for Undergraduate Students (ARGUS) program.




Study Abroad
Many global companies are looking for engineers who understand of diverse cultures. Study abroad provides students with the kinds of international experiences that can broaden their perspectives on problem solving, encourage independence, increase communication skills, and ultimately give them a competitive advantage when it comes to graduate school or their job search. Alfred University's Office of International Programs can help you find a program that is right for you.



Organizations and Activities
There's more to your education than classroom learning. Clubs, student government, and other on-campus activities provide leadership skills that last a lifetime. Alfred University has more than more than 80 student organizations that offer the opportunity to explore new interests, expand their horizons, and have fun.




Leadership Training
In addition to having excellent technical skills, engineers must be able to communicate their ideas to the public and enlist the support of others to accomplish their goals. Leadership training is available through many programs in the Judson Leadership Center. The Engineering Leadership Education and Development (ELEAD) initiative provides scholarship opportunities for young women and men dedicated to making a difference.