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What do Renewable Energy Engineers do?
Renewable energy engineers are energy engineers that specialize in renewable and alternative energy technologies. Renewable energy engineers develop renewable energy systems, make improvements on energy efficiency, and apply science and engineering with an economic sense to create a more sustainable future for our planet. As examples, renewable energy engineers may work on electrical systems, advanced controls, green buildings, energy-efficient lighting, fuel cells and batteries, wind turbines, and solar power systems.

What will I study?
In your first year, you will take Introduction to Engineering, Computer-aided Design, Computer-aided Engineering, and the Renewable Energy Engineering Explorations Lab as well as foundation courses in math, chemistry and physics. Hands-on practical experiences continue throughout the program as you learn more about mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and business as they relate to the generation, delivery and consumption of energy from renewable sources. As a senior, you will undertake a year-long senior design project, learning how to function as an effective group member within a realistic, job-like environment.

The minor in renewable energy engineering is ideal for students majoring in science and engineering who want to learn more about renewable energy.

What will I do after graduation?
Graduates of our program can look forward to working in energy industries specializing in renewable systems. You might work in industry as a professional trained in government regulation, or become a regulator yourself. You might assist corporations in improving transmission and grid integration, power markets, utility operation and planning methods, and product management. Above all, you will be able to communicate results to a broad audience including industrial, governmental and public sectors.

Why study Renewable Energy Engineering at Alfred University (AU)?

  • One of only a few true engineering degrees that specializes in renewable energy engineering
  • A curriculum with a systems-level approach designed to hone your computing and problem-solving abilities starting in the first semester
  • New laboratory facilities for designing and testing renewable energy technologies
  • A senior-design project that showcases your creative talents for solving real-world engineering problems
  • Small class sizes and individual attention from a dedicated faculty

The Renewable Energy Engineering degree was launched in 2013. ABET accreditation under general engineering guidelines is being sought in the 2017-18 cycle. In the meantime, the Renewable Energy Engineering program will be operated using the same practices as our accredited engineering programs.

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