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When our students describe their study abroad experience as "incredible," we know that we are offering a program that prepares them for success in an increasingly globalized economy. Not only do students develop a greater understanding of other cultures and improve their language skills, but they also reap unexpected benefits as well. Most recently, Engineering students have studied in England, France, Germany, and New Zealand.

The following student profiles describe typical experiences abroad:

Peak District National Park

A Materials Science and Engineering student studied in England during the spring semester of her junior year. She took courses in Electrical, Magnetic, and Optical Materials, Biomedical Materials, Chemistry of Silicate Materials, and Advanced Structural and Chemical Analysis. Alfred's exchange program with the University of Sheffield made study abroad both a realistic and affordable option. She tells us she "loved traveling, meeting people from all over the world, eating new food, living in a city, experiencing British culture - the list could go on forever. Probably one of my favorite things about living in Sheffield was having the opportunity to explore the Peak District National Park on the weekends."

An unanticipated benefit of her experience in England was that she had the opportunity to participate in Engineers Without Borders, UK. She says "this experience helped me discover a passion for using my engineering background for humanitarian work. This has already influenced my career goals and I am sure will continue to do so."

A Glass Engineering Science student studied at the Ecole Nationale Superieure du Ceramique Industrielle in Limoges, France, during the spring semester of his junior year. His course work included Ceramic Project, Industrial Thermal Processes and Heating, Geology and Raw Materials, and Fluid Mechanics. Motivated by his love of French and a desire to experience the country and culture, this student ended up with an understanding of French culture and of the engineering industry world wide. He tells us that when a representative from a French company did a presentation, it turned out that he had done his Master's Degree studies at Alfred University.

This perceptive student recognized that the ability to speak another language and understand other cultures in today's world is essential, so he took advantage of the study abroad programs Alfred University has to offer. As a result, he became more comfortable with his language skills and worked successfully with groups of students from different cultures and backgrounds. Now, he says, he is prepared to take his experiences with groups, cultures, languages, and difficult situations he encountered while abroad and apply them to his work environment as well as everyday life.

New Zealand

New Zealand
A Ceramic Engineering student studied at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand, during the summer and fall semester of his junior year. He took courses in Advanced Engineering Mathematics and Statistics, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, and Cultural Inquiry and Origins of Science. In addition to seeking new experiences that would help him handle problems throughout his life, this student is an avid skier and wanted to "chase winter around the globe" so that he could ski all year.

Study abroad enabled this student to adapt to to new situations in a different educational system. He reports that "Studying abroad teaches you to jump into unknown situations and figure things out. You have to keep your cool and rely on yourself. It is an extremely useful tool in your career and helps put your life in perspective and realize what is most important to you."

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